Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In my notebook today

I have always had notebooks/ sketchbooks where I would keep records of what I like, what is inspiring me, and where I will compile ideas to develop later. To be honest I haven't done much in my notebook(s) in the past 4 years and one would wonder why. Time flies, doesn't it?
Perhaps the inspiration and intense pleasure {satisfaction} of doing it was gone; perhaps I was too busy with other things {reading other people's blogs, my growing family, my wedding} to even bother.
What's sure is that I am back on tracks and I will have plenty to share in the coming weeks! so stay tuned :p


  1. That's a very good idea! I need to start doing that. I sometimes keep magazines with photos I like, but because I keep the whole magazines and later on I forget why I kept them, so I end up throwing them away! What a waste. I need to start from getting a notebook I like!

  2. Hi Kaho! yep, it is a good way to keep track of what you really like, and I assure you it is nice to browse your pages when the inspiration is gone. I also like to put in a file the fashion spreads I love.
    Very handy!