Friday, August 20, 2010

My first Etsy treasury - Old School

Today I completed and posted my first Treasury list on Etsy! A Treasury is, as Etsy puts it, an ever changing, member-curated shopping gallery. It's a bit like a collage of your favorite things on Etsy following a theme that you choose. Here below are some pictures of what I have chosen to illustrate my theme: "Old School"

It is actually not as easy but not as hard as I had imagined... I guess some days you find it easier to pull photos of things you like together than other days...

Anyways back to my Treasury, I called it "Old School" as a reference to the end of the summer school holidays and the nostalgia and excitement I feel every year when September is around the corner. I remember as a little girl longing for school to start again as it meant getting new furnitures, meeting my friends and starting a brand new year. To me the year was in fact starting in September and not so much in January...

Edit 02.09.2010

I found out how to capture the screen and I will be able from now on to show you the entire treasury. Here is how it looked like:

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