Monday, September 6, 2010


I might be a bit late to notice that you have tools on the net to help you keep up with your favorite blogs... that is no longer true as I registered on BlogLovin this morning and will now easily check out each of them {no hassle here}{especially when juggling with 2 computers}.
I even registered my blog hoping and hope to see you there too!


Oh, and should I add that Blogging it Your way have officially started last Friday and it's extremely exciting to be part of it! I am discovering many new blogs and people coming from all over the world :)

How about you? what are you doing to increase your blog exposure?

Happy blogging!


  1. Hello,

    Just found your blog through BYW.. Beautiful blog, good luck with the course...Lucy

  2. Thank you so much! I found out about your blog through BYW too... and I am very inspired by the way you are blogging! love the layout and the content + the beautiful illustrations!

  3. i personal messaged you via the 'blogging your way' forum. i hope to hear from you via my personal email address!

  4. Hi Marie,

    You are on the blogroll near mine! Had to check out your site. Love it! I too am so excited to participate in BYW. I've been blogging since February and have lots to learn yet. I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop for my Haiku cards and Zen Eyes Photo cards. Etsy is such an amazing site. I am only just now getting familiar with it. Enjoy your day!