Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{NEW design}


I was busy this past weekend catching up with the classes of the Blogging Your Way e-course that I am currently taking and working on the weekly assignment.
I am having a blast ladies :).
No, seriously enjoying myself and taking great pleasure to make new online friends and discover hidden {blog} treasures. I will add my favorites on my blogroll this week...
Of course I am also learning a ton of things about blogging smartly and with style and hopefully it will show on this blog soon ;)

But apart from that I also have a business to look after, and here is a sneak peek of my latest creation. This one won't be in the shop, but I will soon create more designs and more color combinations... so stay tuned! and please share your thought about it...

... I am planning to make one for myself and use it as an evening purse when I have a casual date with Mr.D

... great for your jewelry or other belongings while traveling...

... or use it as a make-up pouch...

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my latest bag, also completed last weekend... and I have two more to show you so plenty of things to talk about this week!

Have a great day!


  1. looks like we are in the same BYW class - i'm loving it too!

  2. Thanks for visiting Jaclyn, I am off to visiting your blog!
    Have a great weekend,