Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little red bag...

I have lost count of all the bags I have made... but this little one was made to order, and I am very happy with the end result since it is not the shades of colors I am usually playing with.
What about you, are you taking custom orders? do you enjoy it and does it help you explore things that you are not familiar with?

I should tell you the story behind some of these photos as well... Yesterday I asked my 4 year old daughter Chloe to take the photos while I was modelling the bags. Of course I didn't let her use the best camera available, but only my old Sony Cyber-shot... I was not extremely happy with the end result and we ended up shooting only 2 bags out of 5. But after a bit of editing, I think the photos aren't that bad...

{Happy weekend}


  1. Your blog is looking great! I would've not known that your daughter took the photos unless you said it. She did a good job! The bag definitely looks different when it is taken a photo by itself or with a model.

  2. The bag is so cute! And so is your daughter, the little photographer...