Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GMK joyas - pieces available in Singapore!

Hi there!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and that Thanksgiving's turkey was tasty :)
I haven't been posting much last week as one of my best friends was in town for a short while and we had to catch up on a lot of things - we see each other only every two years or so...

Anyway I had promised a post with pictures of the GMK jewelry pieces that I imported in Singapore for your guys to enjoy in a bit of shopping for Christmas...
Here we are: two beautiful pairs of earrings in silver, two rings and two necklaces made of lava beads (!) and seeds/ ceramic beads.

Ring on the left: silver, pink quartz, pearl, amethyst and black onyx - S$90
Ring on the right: silver, red ceramic bead, pearls, amethyst, black onyx, smoky quartz - S$90

Pair of earrings 1: silver, fire agate, brown and blue agate - S$65

Pair of earrings 2: silver, pearls, coral and turquoise - S$65

Seeds necklace: silver, lava beads and seeds - S$80

Ceramic beads necklace: silver, lava beads and ceramic beads - S$80

You can contact me if you are interested in any of the above pieces; starting tomorrow normal shipping is free anywhere in the world - Christmas is coming! Each piece comes nicely wrapped in an organza pouch. I can even mail it on your behalf to your friend or relative with a pretty card and your words in it :)

Have a good week gals!


  1. These are beautiful pieces and the product shoots are too! Did you take the pics? I love the lighting.

  2. Elizabeth, I took these pictures as I had a selection of jewelry over here in Singapore. I followed the instructions given by Leslie on BYW, and did a bit of editing too :)
    Glad you like it! thanks for your comment :)

  3. The rings look so yummy! I love the first photo the best. Beautiful jewelries!!

  4. Thanks Kaho! my friend is very talented... and she lives in such beautiful place :) you can only be inspired!