Sunday, November 7, 2010

My dolls...

... I started making the little dolls back in 2008... now two years later I am planning to stop. First were the Comfort Dolls (Zaza is the last one), then I came up with the Mini Me Dolls, smaller but as colorful and cute.
Things have changed in the past two years and I want to concentrate on making bags and jewelry, so my little dolls will have to finds new homes :)
They will still be available in my Etsy shop for the coming two weeks if you are tempted...

From top left, clockwise: Martha, Dina, Maya, Zaza

Au Revoir...


  1. Oh, you'll stop the doll before making a little Rosy?

  2. They are gorgeous Marie, you really are so talented! Anyway, whatever road you chose I am sure that's the best for you at the moment good luck with your new projects!

  3. @ Rosy: j'ai eu un doute, mais non, une des poupees que j'ai faite s'appelait Rose, pas Rosy...
    @ Mariella: thank you {blush} as long as I am having fun and enjoying myself, it should the right thing to do :)

  4. Hi Marie dear, I'm back in Singapore and looking forward to having our coffee. Hope you have been well. I love the dolls, why do you want stop?

  5. Hello! welcome back :) hope you had a great time!! I have been very busy, so I can't complain, time has been flying.
    My dolls don't sell so well, so I am tempted to concentrate on the bags and I also want to develop a jewelry line...