Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am looking for inspiration for my little girl's and little boy's birthday parties next month. Chloe is turning 4 and Mathias is turning 1 already... I am into balloons and star shapes for the time being, and lots of colors...
I am finding loads of inspiration on Pinterest and have just spent one hour pinning around... talk about being productive!
I am in love with paper garlands too, but I will skip it for this one as it's gonna be quite a big party ~ how can a 4 year old have so many friends?

Loving these paper garlands by talented debee{art}


  1. How cute is this! I love pininterest too!! addictive....(saw you on Holly's facebook tonight.)

  2. I love the paper garlands you posted on this post! That is so darling! I love pinterest, too! I have to look you up!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    @ Laura: I have registered end of last year, but got hooked only last week about the end less possibilities... so easy to just "pin"!
    @ Kaho: you must check Debee's Flickr and her blog too: http://debeecampos.blogspot.com/
    She will inspire you a ton!!

  4. Hi Marie, this is my first visit to your blog, and I am loving it.
    I've known Debee's work for a while, and I like it very much. I am a Brazilian, living in America.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Regina, welcome in my little space... It's amazing to be able to connect to people living so far away :) Have a good day!