Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wonderful Holidays...

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

I have let you done for a while - nearly one month actually, but it feels so good to take a real break from blogging and from the routine... and as you take a look at the picture below, you will easily understand that the outside scenery was so stunning that I did not feel like spending my days in front of the screen...

We had a really good time in France, in my family, and the small village in the picture above is where I grew up... right on the border between France and Switzerland. I have lovely memories from my childhood which makes me wonder sometime if I really want my kids to grow up in a city hub such as Singapore... dilemma...

I spent time with my family and being in France, it meant LOTS of time sitting at the table eating delicious food and drinking beautiful wines (although I am not so good at wine)... My sisters had baked an amazing amount of Christmas biscuits ( more than 10 different sorts) as it is the tradition in my family. It was snowing on Christmas Eve and sunny on Christmas day... so perfect in fact!

And to top it all, Mr. and I spent a few days in Paris for New Year's Eve... but this is another story...

A demain!

Photo credits: by Alexandra Brandelet (my dear sister) - collage by me


  1. Wow, gorgeous collage! I love it!!!!! So so pretty, the photos and the collage! How lucky you are to grow up in such a beautiful place! I hear you about raising children in a big city. I love living in a city, but for raising kids, especially when they are still very young, I started to see more benefits for them being in a more laid back place with less traffic, more outdoor activities, and more interaction with the nature. I can feel how special it was for you to be with your family on Christmas. I love the gathering and eating part of vacation. It's the best!! Hugs, Kaho

  2. Oh dear It's been some time :) Happy New Year! I do have a little surprise for you over at my blog today :)
    Take care and I'm sure we'll have that coffee this year!