Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorating with mobiles {The Handmade Hullabaloo}

My latest post for The Handmade Hullabaloo is live on Little Red Bus! I am introducing you tips and many ways to decorate a child's bedroom with pretty mobiles... Here is a teasing but go to Little Red Bus for more...

Room inspiration: via Grey blog

Shop this look, right, top to bottom:

I am a big fan of using mobiles as a way to decorate a room (any room in fact), and I am sure you do so too. Now it would be so much fun if you could share with us on Facebook photos of your home, decorating tips or even links to DIY posts related to mobiles!

Happy shopping/ crafting everyone!

** MISSED IT? If you missed my previous post for The Handmade Hullabaloo, it's here! I created three inspiration boards with tips to decorate a boy's nursery... A must read to my opinion ;) **


  1. I would love to have a mobile in my room!! I love the ones you picked for your post! These photos make me want to redesign my girls' room!

  2. I just went to your post about the boy's nursery. What a beautiful inspiration boards!! I love them! Great job, Marie!

  3. Thanks Kaho!It's nice to hear that you like what I am doing...hehe...
    Join The Handmade Hullabaloo on FB and share with us your great finds in Jakarta (kids finds)... I am still thinking of the doll house your girls got for Christmas... so so NICE!