Monday, March 14, 2011

Decoration {Kids bedroom}

Hello dear friends,

How was your weekend? we had a great family time and explored areas of the town we hadn't been for a long time due to babe #2 who was too young... We spent a couple of hours in Little India on Saturday and we went to check out Sunday Eclectica at The Pigeon Hole in Tanjong Pagar area on Sunday afternoon.
They hold a little flea market twice a month and yesterday was the first one. We loved the place, an arty cafe, and the people and hope to participate in the near future!

I had promised some pictures of my children shared bedroom last week, but due to weather impairments, I couldn't make it happen! This past weekend however I managed to take a couple of pictures to show you around, and I realized that the corner where my son's bed stands is not well decorated yet, so we will give it a miss today...

My one year old son playing with the cute wooden kitchen {from ELC toy store}

I found very challenging to take {good} pictures of the interior... do you have any tips? Nina of Stylizimo mentioned to me that she uses an external flash... seems like a great idea!

Share with me your thoughts, and head over to Etincelle Creative STUDIO on Facebook to share pictures of your children's room or precious tips! I would love to see them...


  1. Your little ones are so lucky! I love the colours, the lanterns and all that's hanging in the room! A very cheerful place :)

  2. Great photos. But I agree, interior shots are hand. You might want to invest in an external flash w/ a swivel head so you can bounce the light of the walls. (Direct light = bad light, most of the time ;).)