Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party inspiration {Hello Naomi}

Yet another talented Australian lady over at Hello Naomi designing parties and cakes to die for... I completely fall for her delicate biscuits, her birthday cakes and party decoration.

She is often { if not always } teaming up with Nathalie from imprintables and together they create the most stunning parties for little ones or grown up alike... it's all happening at scissors.paper.cake

I have chosen to illustrate this post with recent pictures of a mermaid party as I find the pastel colors so sweet...

Naomi also blogs over at Hello Naomi and Nathalie at imprintables... Pay them a visit and be ready for loads of eye candy!


  1. I love this theme and the colour scheme - adorable! Thanks Marie for introducing me to these ladies.

  2. Don't they do the most AMAZING work. So detailed and precise. I adore!

  3. Thank you Anna and Renee! I am so inspired by the work of Nathalie and Naomi... everything is super coordinated, from the invitation to the table setting, sweets and cake... love love love!

  4. I love the colors!! So beautiful!!! You have an eye for design, Marie!