Monday, March 7, 2011

Rebranded by Be Brillant! A Design Studio

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was easy peasy and involved sun, pool and good food... nothing better to get you all relaxed and keep you happy!

Let me just remind you the great job that Elizabeth of Be Brillant! A Design Studio did in re-designing my blog and creating a brand identity for Etincelle Creative STUDIO.
This week I am getting my business cards printed out and I am very excited... serious business ahead! haha.

Elizabeth is also a talented blogger over at To Be Charmed and you will droll over her finds, DIY projects and inspiration! Connect on Twitter {here}.

Thank you Elizabeth for the great job done!


  1. Thank you! do you like it? comment ca va ma belle...? tu as ete absente de la blogosphere pendant un bon moment!

  2. I really like what she have done - great design!

    You asked my about what I do when I have poor natural light. Well, I take most of my pictures in daylight. But I do have an external flash that works well if I need extra light. For example in the bathroom etc. They give a more nature light than the usual flash does.

    I hope too see some pictures soon :)
    Hugs, Nina

  3. I love your new makeover look. Lovely!!! It feels very much like you! Good question you asked Nina. I wanted to ask that question as well. I will have to consider purchasing external flash. Your photos look very beautiful and the light looks natural. Did you purchase one of those external lights?

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback all!
    @Chuzai Living: I am taking all my photos without flash in natural light and edit them on Photoshop (as taught by Leslie...). I am not sure what an external flash is, but it's worth having a look; I think Nina's photos are great!

  5. @ Nina: Thanks Nina for the tip... I will keep this in mind and check out the price tag ;) I love your pictures and I am learning from you daily thanks to your blogposts!

  6. Small world... the girl in the image above with the rose in her hair is my friend Melissa. That was from a wedding in the Bay Area last year that she was in. How cool!

  7. @Flora: Are you kidding me? Elizabeth who redesigned my blog used that as a inspiration board to translate what she had in mind.
    Isn't Melissa a blogger too? This name sounds familiar to me...