Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wall Stickers #1 {by Fifi Mandirac}

Starting the day fresh and looking forward to the weekend... guess what? we are moving Mathias (my #2) back in his old room... no more room sharing with the big sis for the time being, it doesn't work for us neither does it for them... So it means some re-decorating for me over the weekend... luckily I never get tired of it!

I have been considering decorating with wall stickers for quite some time and I wanted to introduce you to the beautiful work of French designer Fifi Mandirac - whom I've discovered in last fall BYW course. Fifi has launched a line of wall stickers called "Dans les nuages" or "Fleurettes et confettis" for the online shop Poisson Bulle, and I find it very unique and quite irresistible...

Top to bottom, left to right, clockwise:
Dans les Nuages
1 * 2 * 3 * 4

Connect with Fifi Mandirac: Website * Blog * Facebook

I am off to continue my sewing and prepare the festivities... Easter is just a couple of weeks away, we are travelling to Australia for a wedding in less than two weeks *yeah* and I plan to participate to my first market in May... it's time to bring this activity to the next level *yeah yeah*.

The Handmade Hullabaloo is continuing to bring you more goodness and eye candy every week, stay tuned as I have heard there will be free printable in April!

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Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Thank you Amy!! I love what Fifi is doing and until theses days I did not know she had designed wall stickers *Hurray*

  2. Oh, I LOVE wallstickers! These were really cute <3
    Hugs, Nina

  3. Wall stickers are perfect for kids rooms and not only. Great and easy way to decorate. Nice!

  4. Good to know that everything's picking up pace! Good to have you play with us on Twitter too!

  5. Thanks girls! Please share with me if you know of good online shops where to buy wall stickers! I need some for my boy's room and for the living/ dining room :)

  6. All these wall stickers that you have used enhance the look of room. Get these type of stickers from Little Sticker Boy. Wall Stickers For Kids is one type you can get from this store.