Friday, April 15, 2011

Hand-embroidery with sequins

I have made this piece of embroidery a couple of years ago {hmm exactly 10 years ago in Italy} and I found out about it last Christmas while at my parent's house {I have so many treasures left in France in my old bedroom... I should show you one day...}. Anyways I was super happy to find this embroidery as I have great memories of my time in Florence, but now I am not sure how to use it...

What would you do with it? does it inspire you?

PS: it's made on a piece of dark grey corduroy {34cm x 22.5cm}


  1. Coucou, oh cette broderie. Trop drôle parce que j'en ai aussi découverte de ces broderies florentine. Et elle deviendront sacs et coussins...Je vois bien un coussin pour la chambre de Chloé, si tu mets du tissus rose ou blanc pour avoir une dimension de type 40X40 ou 50X50.
    Bisous ma jolie!

  2. Haha... tu te rappelles? il se pourrait bien que je l'ai realisee chez toi celle-la! Un coussin est une bonne idee... mais peut-etre pour ma chambre. Ha.