Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping things organized {Corners of my home}

Here is another little photo of my home... still in my bedroom/office room... I know it's far from ideal to have your desk in your bedroom but at the moment that's the only solution we have... so trying to keep it all organized and tied up...

Notice the jars and cups on top of this Ikea shelf? ... they are also from Ikea {Yngaren}!
Boxes from department store in Emporium mall in Bangkok and Ikea.
The mesh bag is not done yet... but soon enough on sale in my shop!

We are flying tonight to Sydney and we are all super excited... expect less posts than usual, but I have one more post this coming Friday... stop by and say hello!
We are back on the 23rd and hopefully I will have plenty of things to share with you then...
Take care! and Happy Easter :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Awesome idea that I can't wait to steal!! Ha!

  2. How lovely to leave me a comment @corner wardrobe! Please do recreate something similar in your own home!