Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bit personal... {A messy desk}

I thought I would with you today a bit of my workspace... my desk has been very messy recently and I can't see any improvement in the coming weeks as I am very busy with many different projects going on...
So to get back to the subject, I took these photos a couple of hours ago {mid-afternoon}; I was discovering the wonderful, exciting, amazing, mind-blowing latest issue of Rue Magazine {Issue#5} while sipping my espresso and sewing one of my bags. Bliss!

This is where I sit everyday to blog or create my accessories...
Poster on the left hand-side by sfgirlbybay here; illustration by peppermintstudio

New bags in the making... do you like the color association?

Well, my weekly {monthly?} challenge-yourself piece... almost completed! but wait until it's styled on my daughter...

Last but not least, here is a look at my board... not very inspiring at the moment... I am waiting to get cuter magnets and cover this rather boring board with fabric to get started...
But have a look at my Kikki.K meal-planner-turned-work-schedule... it has worked wonders for me since I started using it! 

How does your mood board look like? 
Which system are you using to stay on top of your to-do list?


  1. great post - my workspace is similarly messy!! doesn't help that it's pretty small either and really 30% my macbook.

    I have post-its on my board to keep track of ideas+random sketches but it's all so badly cultivated stuff has been on there for months. need to work out a better/more aesthetic system.

  2. Thanks! I have noticed that very personal posts usually get a good feedback ;)
    You made me laugh with your comment and the inspiration board with stuff that stays on for months... I had a wire before, and I kept on adding stuff months after months... it didn't make anymore sense!

  3. You workspace is so cool.. you might think it's messy, but I think it's still cool. Mine is just currently on a kitchen table :(

  4. Thank you so much Jeanne, you are so sweet! it's priceless to have your own table to work, imagine having your own room! well, only a dream as far as I am concerned...

  5. That's a beautiful mess. I love a pretty clutter, and this is definitely one!

    Makes me miss my desk, which currently sits in the study/Keith's paraphernalia room - collecting dust. Current workspace = anywhere the baby is.

  6. Thanks Ann, so sweet of you! I hope you can get your desk back sooner than later! but I know what you mean, I have been through that when Chloe was a baby... priceless to have help at home for the second one!!!

  7. I love seeing your work place! It is always fun to see where other people do their creative work!! I don't think it's messy at all! It's looks organized even though there is a lot on the desk. I like what it says on the card you have on the board.

  8. Thanks Kaho! I try to keep it as tidy as I can (look at Nina's!) so this time I think it was quite messy!!!
    The poster is from sfgirlbybay on Etsy :)