Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Challenge-Yourself List

We all have To Do List(s) that are never ending and it's so frustrating to actually feel that some things will never get done {hmmm, like this wedding album that I am supposed to do for ... what? 3 years already!!!}.

I recently learnt about Claudia of Claudia Created who is assigning herself one new project every week {thank you Notabilia for mentioning Claudia's blog!} and blog about it. I thought about it twice then had a look at my side-to-do-list* as I call it.
* a side-to-do-list is a to-do-list of things that are not very important to do, but still... it would be nice to get them done!

So, I thought: "hmmm, I have enough on my plate already, but I am sure I can stretch some more if I give myself weekly assignments. And things on my side-to-do-list are not boring stuff after all.

So here is a beginning of a challenge-yourself-list {random order}:

⋆ to do my hen party + wedding albums {3 years later, it's not too late...}

⋆ to scrapbook albums for Chloé and Mathias since they were babies

⋆ to create new cushion covers for Mathias's bedroom

⋆ to finish decorating Mathias's bedroom {Mae wall stickers please}

⋆ to try baking macarons {as good as Artisan Sweets}

⋆ to make a couple of new dresses for Chloe, including the princess dress she's dreaming of

⋆ to practice my bookbinding knowledge and make notebooks and albums

⋆ to fill up, scrap book and write in my two Fifi Mandirac "L'album des Trésors de Bébé" albums {and blog about it because they are so beautiful}

⋆ to decorate my living and lounge rooms -> to get the couch re-upholstered so it actually looks like a couch

⋆ to get more plants in the apartment because it looks and make you feel good; and make sure they survive past three months {loving the idea of indoor bamboos}

Of course the list can {and will} go on and on, but this is a good start! First assignment starting next week. I will decide over the weekend, but I feel like making a new dress for my daughter out of a gorgeous batik fabric and using embroideries from an Indian shirt... project dating for more than a year...

Wish me luck, get inspired, and let's do it together!

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  1. Being a fashion enthusiast and a designer, I know for sure that Chloe will be very lucky to have a dress made by you.