Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fantastic Hong Kong!

So I am back from my short trip to Hong Kong. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed my time there... the shopping, the food, the people... I will write a longer post later this week, but here is a picture that made me smile :)

Photo captured in a street of Hong Kong island...


  1. Oh Marie, you should have told me you were coming to HK, we could have met! Well, actually my current China Visa doesn't allow me to go to Hk as often as I used to but still...I am happy you enjoyed your time here!

  2. @Mariella: oh yes, I should have told you! it was a little bit of a last minute trip, and I completely forgot you were living close by... I hope to go back in 2 months. Really really liked it!

    @Jennie Prince: I have to process all the pics, and check out my notes... very much time consuming ;)