Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Me Doll {Martha}

"Once upon a time... there was a little Mini Me Doll called Martha... "

My Mini Me Dolls were born a little while after I had my first daughter... As I was making her many dresses, I ended up with loads of pretty fabrics left-over... I couldn't bare the idea of throwing everything away, so I created the pattern for my Comfort Dolls... I was very much inspired by the Matryoshka/ Babushka dolls from Russia which are so colorful and pretty.

Martha sous toutes les coutures!

Then I simplified the pattern and the Mini Me Dolls were born. Meet all of them here and let me know which one is your favorite... Martha is the last one available at the moment. I used a powder blue polka dot fabric for the front and a sweet pumpkin linen fabric for the back. Her belly is embellished with a hand-cut flower {from a Japanese fabric}which I have embroidered with mini sequins. Her face is also hand embroidered with black and red cotton threads.

Measurements: 8.8 x 4.6 inches or 22 x 15cm

I haven't made any doll for a very long time... Is it something you would like me to start making {and selling} again? Oh, and if you want to adopt Martha, it's here....


  1. Hé, je veux Martha! Elle est à moi!!!!
    Stop, non, je ne veux rien savoir, combien, comment, où?

  2. Serieux? ce n'est pas un achat coup de tete, dis-moi?
    Alors, tu vas sur mon shop Etsy,
    Tu selectionnes la poupee, tu la paies avec Paypal ou directement avec ta carte de credit. Tu m'indiques ton adresse, et hop! je te l'envoie :)
    Elle coute seulement 20 euros...

  3. i think it's beautiful! it's amazing what you can do with fabric left-overs ... a creation of a mini doll! :)

  4. Thank you blisschic! I totally agree with you ;)

  5. Martha is adorable! I love any interpretation of a Matryoshka dolls and this one fits the bill perfectly! The detailing is just lovely.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment which is as sweet as Martha!
    Have a beautiful day xx