Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW Design {Mini Me Doll Daisy}

I am very happy today to introduce you Daisy, the latest Mini Me Doll to join the family of dolls!

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I have hand embroidered every details {her face features} and every single bead as well! The story behind the birth of my dolls is very simple: I used to buy very cute fabrics back when I was living in Thailand to make dresses to my daughter {now 4 years old}. I didn't want to throw away the scraps of fabrics and started to imagine a way to use them... the Comfort Dolls were born :)

Check Daisy out {here}

My question for you today is: would you buy a doll all for yourself?


  1. I love your dolls but you might think about making them more child-friendly by NOT using sequins/beads and working more with various types of fabrics. I'd love to purchase one for a friend but am weary about its safety :(.

  2. This is lovely. I will visit your Etsy shop soon, Marie :)

  3. @notabilia: thank you so much for your feedback! This doll is only for decoration in a young child's bedroom. But it would be suitable for a girl 4 years old and older.
    I will work on new child-friendly dolls in the coming days (done in the past...)

    @ Fenny: thank you Fenny, you are welcome anytime ;)

  4. Marie, she is adorable! Well Pipo is not into dolls at all ;) but I'd love one for myself, a cute bedroom decoration.
    Anna, xx

  5. Thanks Anna! In fact the dolls with the beading embroidery are more suitable for room decoration than play... I will have more dolls in the shop by next week... so busy and over the top at the moment -> I will participate to the next MAAD market next Friday :)

  6. very cute!
    I'd like to make the same things...
    greetings from Paris ;-)