Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Styling in Singapore for {RUE Magazine Issue #6}{Part I}

I am so thrilled today to share with you pictures of the stunning apartment I have styled in early July with award-winning photographer Scott A.Woodward in Singapore for Issue #6 of Rue Magazine.
It's been a breeze to work with Scott and Crystal Gentilello {editor-in-chief of Rue} and I am stunned by the end result. This post will focus on the living area and I will later on post my favorite pictures of the bedrooms.

The apartment was already very well decorated which made the styling job very enjoyable. Adding to that was the superb collection of objects, photograph, books and arts pieces collected by the owners while travelling. I felt it was a well decorated apartment, with a homey feeling too which made me wish I could meet  with Agnes Verrier and chit chat about France and interior decoration!

Photo Credit: All by Scott A.Woodward
:: Published with permission ::

What are you feeling about this apartment? Does it make you dream? Which interior decoration idea would you pick up and translate into your home?

Share your thoughts!

And stay tuned as I have more photos to share later this afternoon... {Part II}{Part III}

Photography: Scott A.Woodward
Styling: Marie Maglaque
Interior Decoration: Agnes Verrier
Location: Singapore


  1. Hi Marie. Lovely works that you had wit Rue also love your blog. I found your blog at the BYW forum then I notice you also just be a guest post at Bloesem (blog about Hongkong trip). What a coincidence I know Irene too and live at Malaysia here for 7 years :). Hope next time we can catch up off line :) I ve been to Singapore on and off for work too. Keep in touch, dear.

  2. Lovely home! It must have been so fun to work as a stylist! Which part did you do for these photos? I am very happy for you that you are getting a job as a stylist!