Monday, July 4, 2011

The World of Treasuries {With Magalerie on Etsy}

How is everyone doing today? I will be very busy tomorrow working on a last minute project (oh exciting!) so I thought I would leave you a good post with plenty of links to explore...

I have been planning this post for quite a while now, and I am so happy to be able to share it with you today. Some of you may have noticed on my Facebook page the treasuries I am posting every other day... almost all of them are by Anne of magalerie. Anne is a French photographer currently based in Paris who started taking pictures in her childhood. She certainly has an eye for the poetic, the sweet and the most simple things in life. Some also say her photogaphs are very "French"... what do you think?

Now what is a treasury?

As Etsy puts it, a treasury is an ever-changing member curated shopping gallery. It's also an awesome way to promote your shop to other sellers who might use your items to be featured in their own treasury lists, or just buy from you. It's a fun way to create some kind of mood boards with all your favorite finds. It's time consuming and it's addictive to say the least...

Anne started about a year ago as she quickly noticed it was the best way to advertise her work and taste and create traffic back to her shop. With an average of two {beautiful} treasuries per day though, it requests an immense talent!

Bowls of lilacs by magalerie

Often Anne starts with an image that inspires her: a color, a texture, a symbol... other times she wants to work around a theme: summer holidays, a town, Easter, children's toys... A good tip is also to check out what Etsy's merchandising desk's themes for the month are.

Oh so pretty! by magalerie

Once you have finished creating your treasury and published it, it's wise to spread the word about it. Anne recommends to contact every featured seller to let them know personally that one of their creations appears in a treasury. Advantage:
- it's very polite to do so
- they will most likely visit your treasury and spread the word using social media if they like it
- they might add your shop to their favorites, or even add you to their circle
- they might return the favor and create a treasury featuring your own creation

If you like what you see {and I am sure you do}, I invite you to check out the wonderful collection of treasuries Anne has created over the past year {here}. You are in for a treat, so make sure you have enough time ahead to browse them and discover little treasures along the way.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us here in the comment section or over on Facebook. If you are addicted to creating treasuries yourself, please share the links so we can enjoy them. 
And let Anne know that you appreciate her work, I am sure she will be delighted!

magalerie :: Etsy shop :: Treasuries

Here are two other excellent articles about Anne, her treasuries, her inspirations and her work:



  1. These treasuries are gorgeous! I love them! She's in my circle now!

  2. Magnifiques photos, magnifiques idées...
    Bonne semaine.

  3. I am so happy you guys like Anne's work. the day I found about her I couldn't stop thinking about all the beauty in these picture collages!