Monday, August 15, 2011

#2 Challenge Yourself {Pillow Case}

Back to our old Challenge Yourself project... I have made the pillow case a couple of weeks {hmm, months?} ago but I took some pix only last week. My plan was to have my boy to hold his pillow, but it's impossible to keep him still for more than two seconds...

Miss Chloe modelling her brother's new pillow for me

If you are tempted to make a pillow case all by yourself, here is an easy tutorial I followed myself to make this one: Envelope Pillow Case by The Crafty Gemini {link}.* 

Collage I made to announce my #2 Challenge Yourself project... in June!

I have come to realize that one project a week was a bit of an utopia... things have got so busy over here. Maybe a project a month would be easier to manage. I will announce the next challenge in the coming days... not an easy one, and more sewing for me! Stay tuned...

Have you been challenging yourself lately? I know you did, feel free to share with us :)

* Thank you again to Renee of Luminoso Blu for the link to the tutorial...

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