Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary! {3 years}

Today is one of our wedding anniversaries... I know I know... long story short, we got legally married five years ago in Singapore, and in church - and in France/ Switzerland three years ago. I am sharing some pictures with you today...

This is the main entrance door of the house where I grew up... built in 1827

The village where I grew up {in France} is very close to the Switzerland border;
 I was baptized & got married is the church in the above picture

{Happy Anniversary my LOVE}


  1. Merci ma belle! tu te souviens? je me suis repassee toutes les photos hier soir pendant que Dom dormait ;)

  2. and I am happy to say it again: Happy anniversary!!!
    looks like dreamland there :)

  3. Oh my, Marie! That is gorgeous! Is that your family home (or should I say, mansion!)?

  4. what a beautiful place!! it´s amazing, a dream landscape!!!
    happy anniversary!!

  5. Thank you Paula, Sandy and Lucrecia! this place in France where I grew up is some sort of country side heaven... nothing much happening, but the surroundings are blowing up your mind.
    Sandy, yes it's my family "mansion"... a former farmhouse lovely renovated and maintained by my parents! They have done a great job :) and they would love to have us around more often...

  6. Wow! Gorgeous I'm sure you'd love to go back soon. I would! haha