Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Fantastic Robot Birthday Party {Part II}

I have to share some more photos of the Robot Party {please check Part I here if you missed it yesterday}. Today I am focusing on the two activities I worked on for the kids to enjoy even more robot fun: there was a "robot on a stick" craft to create during the party or take home if the child was too busy playing with his friends. And I had made a robot photo booth that was quite a hit!

The craft table: do you notice the robot centerpiece? it's made of foam cubes and circles that I covered with paper. Not complicated to make and a toy/ room decoration that the birthday boy will be able to keep and cherish for months.

The craft kit included foam squares in the three colors of the party as body parts, a wooden ice-cream stick, orange chenille for the arms, a pair of eyes. Additional material requested: children-friendly glue and markers to decorate the robot and draw the mouth & buttons. My daughter {in the photo below} really enjoyed making her robot,and she's now playing with it at home... I was inspired by this lovely blog post {lovelylovelythings}.

Beware of the army of robot-on-a-stick!

The second activity, which I highly recommend for any party, was the robot photo booth. It was made of a single piece of silver "cardboard", quite thick and steady, and I cut the body parts to match as much as possible our little robot on our party set. I got my inspiration from this picture found on Pinterest {source: lovelylovelythings}.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and that it will inspire you to create a stellar party for your little one's next birthday {and if you don't have the time, I am here - in Singapore, for hire}... I will share in a post later this week some tips and where to shop for supplies in Singapore. Make sure you'll bookmark it!

Have fun and enjoy your day!

©All photos by Marie Maglaque of Etincelle Creative Studio


  1. Marie, this is fantastic, you are such a talented lady. I wish we have someone like you here in would be a hit too :).

    Lovely party.

  2. Thank you Fenny! this is music to my ears :)
    Who knows, maybe one day I will be a big party planner in SEA..? hehe...

  3. Hello, that's look like a great party!!! I can see that kids have a fun...and you to, doing it.

  4. Hi, Marie

    The party and styling are amazing. I wish I had such a great party with so much attention to details when I was a kid. My bday parties were in McDonalds.

  5. @Rosy; Thank you Rosy, the kids had lots of fun, the weather was great and there was the pool as well... lovely party!

  6. @Christine: Thank you so much for your comment, and welcome here on Etincelle Creative Studio...
    I know some kids think parties at Mc Donald are great... I personaly don't agree, but the branding & marketing behind it is attractive :)
    Hurrah for handmade & homemade parties!

  7. Wow, you are so talented. What a great idea to do a photo booth!! I love it!! Great job!!!!!

  8. Thanks for mentioning my robot party, I'm so happy it inspired you :)! Your party looks awesome!!

  9. Thank you! I did get inspired by your party, especially the photo booth, what a great idea!