Friday, September 16, 2011

Re-decorating my lounge/ living room {Home}

I have been waiting patiently for over a year to get our two and three-seater couches re-upholstered. They have finally been picked up yesterday morning and should be brought back "brand new" in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

From top to bottom clockwise: this bookshelves via designspongeonline;
the tree in this stunning room via greigedesign; the rug by MiniModern via TreeFall design;
the Moroccan "pouf" from Plümo; the floor lamp by ? {let me know the source if you have it};
fabrics photo by sewfantastic

In the meantime I will be re-decorating almost the entire apartment, one room at a time, and with a super mini budget. No big expense planned, no painting job (not allowed), no frames on the walls (not allowed).
Just moving furniture around, and buying new pillows cases, a floor lamp (would be great!) and a rug is on my must-have-wish-list as well.

I have compiled a couple of pictures to guide me through this simple job so that I don't lose focus and go overboard. Our couches are re-upholstered in a grey fabric and I am tempted to match it with yellow and aqua hues {as per the photo above}. The two-seater sofa was in my son's room, but I would love to create a cozy reading corner in the living room vs the lounge with the TV and use our {mediocre} bookshelves as a divider {as per the photo in the top right corner above}.
The rug will most probably be the most difficult item to buy, but both my Mr and I like the one designed by MiniModern.

Last but not least I want to add ethnic touches such as this Moroccan "pouf". A small tree would be stunning and add character to the room, but it's not very bright in here and all my plants die one after the other. I have thought of bamboos as an alternative, or even branches.

You can check my Pinterest boards for more pictures and inspiration {Lounge and Living}{Ambiance Maison}

I will visit the Salvation Army next week with my friend Caroline {hello!} and hope for some great finds...

Where are your favorite places in Singapore to shop furniture and home decor on a budget? 

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  1. I love the gray and yellow combination!! I think your room is going to look really nice. No paint, no hanging decors on the wall is tough! I can do with no paint, but I like my pictures and other items to decorate on the wall. I guess you can use neat lamps, big mirror and huge paint if you have any to stand against the wall. I have a couch I would like to upholster, too and gray is the color I want. Please post your photo once the couch is back! I would love to see it!!

  2. Thank you Kaho! I know it's very tough... at the bginning when we moved in I didn't mind as we didn't have much things to hang, but now it's very different... moving out soon though, looking forward to a new place to decorate!
    I will make sure to share pics of my new couch when it'll be back :)

  3. Oui il faut qu'on fasse cette visite! On s'appelle!!


  4. SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing!” Thank YOU!