Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Styling my daughter's room... {Sneak Peek}

Hello, how was your weekend? I attended the F1 race last Sunday for the first time, and it was... interesting and quite exciting to be among the crowd. 

I just feel like starting the week slowly now, and here is a sneak peek at what I have been doing last week when I was not at my desk: re-styling my daughter's room!*

It usually involves moving furniture around, finding new ways to display favorite toys and highlight "forgotten" ones. My nearly-five-year-old girl loves her Barbies but she also have a dolls house I would like her to play with a lot more. I am very active in teaching her to "respect" her toys and look after them. I have found a way to display her Barbie dresses {above} and she also has a make-up box to keep all the Barbie accessories together and... by color.

Are you inspired to create a magical playroom for your little ones? my next mission is to re-do my son's room, then I will be ready to share pictures with you all :)

* I must be obsessed as I feel the need to style her room every 3-4 months... of course it never involves "big" renovation or paint job. Just moving furniture around, changing the color scheme, the garlands, mobiles etc...

** You can discover photos that inspired me for her room {here}


  1. Hi Marie, very sweet of you to organize your daughter's doll dresses :) My daughter is also almost 5. When is you daughter's b day? My little girl was born on Halloween, coming up soon!

  2. I am in the process to re arrange my son's room as well, soon it will become also the little one room as I like the idea of them to share their bedroom. Right now is still a mess, but hopefully I'll be able to transform it into something nice :-)

  3. Hi Desha,
    Thank you for stopping by! My daughter will turn 5 next February so she's a bit younger than yours.
    Are you planning a Halloween bday party for her, or does she prefer another theme?

  4. Oh, keep us posted Mariella, I find it more difficult to easily twist the deco of my son's room...
    I have tried to get them to share rooms as well as I love the idea too, but they kept on waking up each other and after three weeks I was so exhausted that I moved back everyone in his/ her own room. But my friends have been more successful, so it should work for you :)

  5. Hi Marie, looks so sweet! I`m in the middle of my own redo of my 5 yr old daughters room. I can`t wait to see more!

  6. Woot! it seems to be a hot subject! I am happy that you are all in the midst of re-decorating your daughter/ son's room. Chloe was looking forward to the changes, and she likes the new way I displayed her toys and furniture. I am not totally done as I want to update the paper garlands and mobiles, and it takes a long time to make!

  7. Karina, Mariella and Desha, please share your inspiration pix on my FB page:

    It would be fun to inspire each other!

  8. That s so sweet decor. I love how you hung the little barbie dress. I hope my daughter grows up liking doll. Currently she only shows interest on cars. I am not sure how to decorate cars to be a pretty element for girl room haha....