Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rubber Stamps {The Little Happy Shop}

Something I am looking forward to this weekend...

On Saturday, I will attend a rubber stamp workshop at The Little Happy Shop. I didn't know you could make your own rubber stamps until I stumbled upon posts on a couple of blogs and started to get really interested in it. I even tried to make my very first one out of an eraser and with the help of my cutter... a little star. Not too bad, but it got damaged pretty fast!

The Little Happy Shop is cozily nestled in the heart of Holland Village {Singapore} and sell all sorts of marvels from Korea and Japan... Think cute stationery, pretty cups and mugs, tea, handbags, totes, stamps, stickers, masking tapes, and other crafting goods. very cute shop if you ask me, and ideal to pick up all sorts of gifts for your loved ones. Ruth, the shop owner, is a delight as well, which makes shopping even more enjoyable :)

The rubber stamp workshop will be conducted by JoE of Monster Gallery {I will talk about him in my post about MAAD later today}. I am looking forward to meet up with other like minded people and have fun!

If you are interested in the workshops conducted at The Little Happy Shop, follow its Facebook page {here}. Upcoming workshop is about handpainting shoes {22 October} - more information {here}.

Happy day!

Credit: All photographs via The Little Happy Shop website


  1. I did the workshop last week and it was really fun! looking forward to future ones! =)

  2. Thanks Jac for your comment! I would have loved to share this workshop with you :) maybe another time...