Monday, October 24, 2011

Something you should look forward to...

Hello everyone,

I haven't been much online today as I am working so hard to complete the first half of my order from Japan - the Mini-Me dolls. I am then mostly seating at my desk and doing embroidery then sewing then embroidery... there is something though that I have been dying to share with you for a couple of weeks already. I have completed a new mesh bag last week with a new design.

Latest addition to the shopper bag family

The fabric I have taken this beautiful motif from is coming directly from Japan {a country close to my heart} and has been carefully selected by my dear friend. I have hand-cut it before placing it on the bag and starting the embroidery.

It took many hours to complete this bag.
I don't regret any.
This is my labor of love, the quiet hours spent on doing something that makes me happy.

Each bag is lined with a nylon mesh {here a blue one} contrasting with the actual silky lining {raspberry for this bag}. The sequins are chosen to compliment the bag's colors and so is the pompom trim.

This delightful little purple bag has already found someone to take care of him, but I am sure you are looking forward to see the next one... patience is key here...


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