Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Think Red, Polka Dots and Love {Valentine's day}

Hello everyone!

We are back to blogging after a long weekend spent with family and friends. The Chinese New Year break is always special as Singapore seems to stop its restless activity for a short while, which is never happens the rest of the year! 

Lovely to catch up with you and welcome our new readers to the world of Etincelle Creative Studio :-)

Lately the polka dots Mini-Me dolls have been featured in treasuries celebrating Valentine's day, and I wanted to showcase some of them as there are some really lovely finds to be discovered , loved and shared...

Even if you are not celebrating Valentine's day, some items in these treasuries would make very nice gifts for many other occasions...

We don't usually celebrate much with my Mr. but I have something in mind this year, something to make him feel special and loved. That's what Valentine's day is all about, isn't it? Which means you could make anyone feel special and loved on this day...

What are YOUR plans? I would love to hear what everyone's up to in the coming two weeks... a lovely surprise dinner? a handmade gift lovingly handcrafted with your hands? a trip to an exotic country? a box of chocolate... 

Dream and keep creative :-)

1 comment :

  1. c'est plein de jolies choses tout ca!! Bravo pour les poupees russes, elles sont mimi!!
    J'avais oublie la Saint Valentin..c'est vrai que c'est bientot! A+