Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Newsletter #1 & Random Things

You can tell I am really busy when I don't manage to update the blog at least three times a week... Well, I have got a lot to think, plan, organize, manage, book at the moment. Moving is most of the time a burden, but moving country with such short notice is more than that! Oh well, I am not complaining. Just sharing...

Last week I "gave birth" to my first ever newsletter, and I am very happy about it. I started the entire process last year in September, and it took me this long to make it happen {don't laugh}. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do it right now {here}{it's free & I won't spam you}. 

Subscribing will help you to keep up with the fast pace I manage to maintain at the Studio; between us it can only get better in the months to come as I will:
1/. move to Japan, the most attractive and exciting place in the world for crafters {such as you and me}
2/. travel to France in summer for a much needed break in the country side

It means that I will put on hold some of my activities {birthday party planning} while planning new ones {workshops? writing?} and pursuing some {blogging, sewing & doing embroidery}. At least this is the plan.

A bite of my 1st newsletter...

Other than writing "first ever" newsletters, I am also sewing up a storm over here: dolls, dresses, passport holders, net shopper bags and a mermaid birthday party {a kit, which is another "first" attempt}.

I also have my second embroidery workshop {my last one in Singapore} at The Little Happy Shop next Saturday, April 7. All details and registration {here}. Join us to learn how to lay beads and sequins to enhance your tees, and create stunning accessories. We will make a flower brooch {as shown in the image above}.

In between all this, I have coffee/ drink/ lunch or dinner with my lovely friends... which makes me remember to mention that we have an Etsy meet-up next week Tursday, April 5 from 7:30pm at The Pigeon Hole. Check all details {here}. Open to everyone: Etsy sellers, buyers or crafters considering to open an Etsy shop,...

Hope to catch up with you before I leave!

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