Monday, April 23, 2012

A Mermaid Birthday Party


As promised here is my post with the pics of the mermaid party shoot I did last week. A little reminder that this party will only happen in June, which is the reason why I prepared a party kit {first time!}. The styling of the table below doesn't includes much food as I was running out of time to bake and buy "party food" -> remember I am moving to Japan next week...

Paper banner printable by Ruffled Blog 

I was inspired by a party styled by One Charming Party and proposed a similar color scheme to my client: turquoise, purple and hot pink. The birthday girl wanted "something Ariel" and I got her the cups... I customized the bottles of bubbles with metallic gold and purple paper; it looks so much nicer, don't you think? I was also extremely lucky to find wooden shaped sea animal and stars in my favorite craft shop in Singapore {Art Friend in Ngee Ann City}. I covered them with pink glitter paper for a girly touch. I wasn't lucky enough to find real sea shells {at a reasonable price} though, but it would have been gorgeous with one or two huge pieces...

If you are following me on Instagram {@etincellestudio}, you must have seen these pics before... they are the behind-the-scene photos I took while working on this party...

I hope I have inspired you once more... my 5 year old daughter has already told me she wants the "exact same party for when she's turning 6". 


  1. Looks lovely Marie! Bring me back to my childhood. I would have loved to have a mermaid theme party as a kid.

  2. OH so pretty....imagine, at a table like this...all the friends of the world. LOVELY

  3. what a nice things!

    Si quieres puedes pasarte por
    whereORwhat.blogspot : diseño,creatividad e ilustraciones =)


  4. @Katrina: Thanks Kat! My bday parties as a kid didn't have any theme, but we always had so much fun!

    @Vicky: Thank you for your sweet comment Vicky! it would be lovely to have all my friends at this table :-)

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