Thursday, May 3, 2012

My last Mini-Me dolls from Singapore


I am back! Blogging from Japan now, lost somewhere in the huge city that is Tokyo. I am lucky enough to be in the very center of the town, which makes it easy to get around and about. However one of my children has gotten sick shortly after our arrival, and it's now raining so we are kind of stuck at home watching a lot of cartoons in Japanese {which isn't too bad to catch up with the language, right?}...

Because of a lack of time, I didn't have a chance to share with you the seven Mini-Me dolls that I made two weeks before leaving Singapore. It was a special order placed by my hubby for his female workmates {sweet, isn't it?}. Every doll is of course unique with the name of each recipient embroidered on the heart.

Do you like them all? which one is your favorite?


  1. I love them , they're gorgeous, the last two in particular, maybe because of the pastel colors which I am normally more drawn too.

  2. Thanks Mariella! I am drawn to the last too as well :-)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment teacakemake!