Monday, June 25, 2012

Circus, Crochet and Dolls

How is everyone doing? 

Today is a rainy day which is perfect to complete a couple of projects at home and start new ones too. Here below are a few pics of what happened over the weekend. You don't want to know about it all, I have selected the best bites of course!

1. I am currently working on new dolls and new bags. Will I have the time to work as much as I planned? It doesn't look like it...

2. We went to a circus last Friday. I hadn't been for ages although I love it. It was fantastic of course. Have you ever been to a circus? what is your favorite performance?

3. One of my Grand-Ma will soon turn 100 years old. Amazing when you think about it. She's been through so many things, I just hope I can look as good at her age. This is the house where she's  currently living. It's nearby, located in the mountains and on the Swiss border. We paid her a visit last Saturday, she likes to play dominos and talk about the past.

4. I am planning to {finally} learn crochet with my other Grand-Ma {96 year old in August and still going strong}. My mum offered me this book - for beginners with easy yet tastefully curated projects.
More on that later on I hope...

Have a lovely week!


  1. Wow, it all looks just amazing! YOu are in Europe! Don't you just love the weather here and the food? Enjoy your time with the family. Big hug, Anna

  2. i love circuses! i love the music the atmosphere the costumes ! Enjoy your vacation!