Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Corners of my Room {France}

I am very pleased today to introduce you some pictures of my "room" at my parents place in France. I don't personally own the furnitures - except for the mannequin which dates from my years at a fashion school. It reflects very well my style though and I am always happy to come back...

Wooden floors, white walls and ceiling

The house was built by an ancestor back in 1825 and used to be a farm. As far as I know it has always been occupied by my family, except perhaps during World War II when there were German soldiers for a short while. I grew up in this tiny village of France and spent my first 18 years here...

Mannequin dressed up in Emilio Pucci (ties, bags, scarfs); 
green hat from Argentina, other hat from Venice (Italy).
The pearl necklace is my own design.

I am sure that you wonder now why I would dress up my mannequin in Emilio Pucci... Well I used to do an internship in Florence (Italy) at their headquarter and I received a lot (!) of samples and other fabric scraps which I haven't touched ever since. What would you do with them?

I love this commode which beautifully refurbished by my mum {as most of the wooden furnitures}
The mirror is also a gorgeous piece, don't you think?

I might not own the furnitures, but I certainly own the content of them all! Think of fabrics, craft supplies, papers, books and magazines... I am currently checking it all out and operating an urgent "cleaning".

Tiny boxes collected from my travels, or offered by my sisters

My bric-a-brac: I have kept quite a lot of little things here over the years as I have moved so often. Most of my nice books are here too: it's all about fashion, jewelry, sewing or crafts. I will show you my favorites later on...

Do you know this lovely pendant light from HABITAT, designed by Dutch designer Tord Boontje? It's a very famous one and I am sure you stumbled upon it somehow on the web - I have included the link so that you can have a look at it, it's lovely.

I made a bedside table of some of my books. 
Not sure yet if I will keep it this way though. Your opinion?

Look a bit at the wardrobe! I am not very sure when it was built, but it's massive and old. Not super practical to hang up clothes, but no one would complain...?
I brought the rug from my solo trip to Morocco in 1999, the yukata {Japanese summer kimono} is obviously from my previous time in Japan.

The white embroidered pillow on the bed was 
the handmade ring pillow at my wedding

I am looking for something to hang over the bed, not sure what just yet. If you think of something that you have seen and could work out here in this room, please let me know! 

This room represents very well what I like: warm hues, floral prints, wooden floors and white walls, light and some kind of ethnic touch. It's not always easy to reproduce this style in the different places that we call have called home in the past few years, but I am trying my best and currently work on our Japan home...

Stay tuned of course!



  1. Such great stories to be told from this room. I live in an old house, too, and I always think about the people who used to live here before me.

    Also, so rad that you interned at Pucci!

  2. So awesome to live in a house with so much history. You simply can't get that around here. I love those hats by the way :)

  3. Wow your room is amazing. You should do interior design. You can convert the Pucci fabric into chair covers if there is enough. Too pretty not to show them off :D

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  5. Nice room. Still looks like you live there. Must be nice for Chloe and Matthias to see where you grew up.

  6. @flora: Thanks Flora! I love living in old houses too... although it can be scary to imagine how previous people where living before us... Have you shared pics of your own home yet? I haven't had much time to check blogs lately.

    The internship at Pucci was an amazing experience!

  7. @coookie cutter: Thank you Sandy! I miss the old houses in Asia... it's very special to live in a place with so much history.
    (I am planning to bring the hats over to Japan)

  8. @Joyce: Thanks Joyce! Not sure about interior design, but very sure about prop stylist :-)
    The fabrics are light cotton or silk, so not suitable for chairs.... I have been thinking about blouses or tops, but I ma lazy (and scared) to make them myself...

  9. @Katrina: You are right Kat! I am showing them all my favorite places, my old school (one room in an old house of the village) etc etc... Plenty of stories to be told!

  10. such a lovely room Marie, have a great summer and a great stay in France!

  11. Thank you Mariella! are you back in China yet?