Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Tokyo Diary continues... {Aug & Sept 2012}

I realized that I had stopped sharing with you what our life in Tokyo translates as via my Tokyo diary column. One reason is that we spent two months in France and therefore there was nothing to share anymore. But we've been back for more than a month now and loads of things have happened ever since. So here we go:

#1 Kids have started school again at the end of August, and thanks God for that! They both love it and made new friends, it's perfect. You can find many gardens such as this one {above right} in the suburbs. You can buy local veggies directly there is you fancy. The soil looks gorgeous and everything is well maintained {you wouldn't expect less anyway}.

#2 If you follow this blog, you may know that we made a weekend trip to Izu peninsula in September {read}. It was just wonderful and the sea was amazing. The food wasn't bad either, and trust me that we enjoyed every bite of it!

#3 I have discovered my favorite place to hang out at {for the time being}: props paradise Hands cafe at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya. They have a small garden section as well and I would love to own one of these cute little plants. Only worry: plants never last very long with me...

#4 I love how you stumble upon funny things or amazing architecture in Japan. We parked next to this very lovely Volkswagen last Saturday in Kawasaki and I passed by the infamous Prada building while strolling in Aoyama two weeks ago. This design {by Swiss architects Herzog & Demeuron} is timeless and... breathless. Not to be missed!

#5 Last but not least, although it seems that I have disappeared from the face of the earth {I'm slowly making my come-back}, I'm still working on embroidery projects, and I have reopened my Etsy shop. I have also worked on the styling of a nursery {here} and I am catching up with my Japanese. All topped up by volunteering {a lot} at my kids schools. Busy indeed!

Is there anything that you would like me to share about Japan? I will most definitely start sharing more about the food, as there is much more than sushi and ramen in the local gastronomy...


  1. Marie, great to know you doing good over there. And Kids are also adjusting well :). Miss you.

  2. Glad to know that you're well, too! I love Tokyu Hands! I love seeing Tokyo through your eyes.