Monday, June 17, 2013

Re-branding - Moodboard {Your Darling Blog Workshop}

Hey friends,

How are you all doing? I have had a great weekend, and spent the whole of Sunday on my own while my lovely husband was looking after the children. It felt good indeed, I feel refreshed and full of energy to start the week!

My current blog design as of today and since May 2010...

I had planned to share a bit with you about the re-branding of my business, which has started a couple of months ago - with the help of a wonderful coach {Isa Maria Seminaga of Noisette Academy}. The current design of my blog was created in May 2010 - more than 3 years ago, and I felt it was about time to freshen up things a bit. Ideally I would like to create everything myself, from the design to the integration, but let's see what will happen... It's quite a challenge given that I have little knowledge of Photoshop or html/ css...

I had heard wonderful feedback about Jo Klima's online workshop {Your Darling Blog} to help design your own blog so I decided to join the session in May. Three weeks down the road I have created a pretty inspiration board, and my blog layout on paper and I have almost chosen all of my fonts. I have also signed up for a account and chosen a theme {Thesis} and a new web host.

I have truly enjoyed this course so far, I only wish to have more time and energy in hand to work and research more. The structure of the workshop is very clear and easy to understand, as well as the step-by-step instructions to create your own design on Photoshop. I am definitely recommending it to anyone interested in tackling in their blog design!

Here is my inspiration board... Thoughts?

I am felling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of starting designing the layout on Photoshop though {I am a newbie!}, especially the header. I am especially worried about my ability to come up with a stunning new logo, nothing less!! I want to keep things fresh, feminine and fun. Focus a lot on party styling (but not only) and explore new horizons, be a goal-setter and a goal-getter (I was utterly inspired by this read).

On top of refreshing the look of the blog, I am also planning to launch a new site under a brand new name. With the help of Isa, I have decided to focus more on my styling activities and workshops, and less on the Mini Me dolls. I am going to switch gradually all of my social media account's names but I have already started a new Facebook page, check it out now and please follow if you wish!

Stay tuned everyone!


  1. Hey, Marie!
    If you have your own hosting and if it comes with PHP and mySQL, you can install your own Wordpress. =)
    Love, Christine

  2. And of course, all the best to your re-branding! =)

  3. I love your mood board! I'd say it's very pleasing to the eye – but I'm pretty biased coz I'm a sucker for pinks and greens. Looking forward to your new blog design!

  4. Hi Christine! Yes I have installed my Thesis theme on Wordpress... haven't touched it ever since though... I don't know much about these things, always blogged with Blogger which is very simple and straight forward!

  5. Hello Pauline, Thank you for your comment :-)
    It will take a while to get the new blog up and running.... stay tuned!

  6. Loving your mood board dear :) Good luck with the new revamp. Been meaning to revamp mine for ages!