Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween in Tokyo #1


Today I am bringing you on a first little stroll in the streets of Tokyo to have a look at the shop windows. Halloween seems popular among people in Tokyo and decoration have been up for almost a month now. I noticed that a favorite color scheme here seems to be orange/ black/ purple. I  have personally opted for orange/ black/ gold this year. How about you?

1. Aoyama Flower market, Jiyugaoka 2. One's TerraceQ, Trainchi Jiyugaoka  
3. A shop, Komazawakoen dori 4. Designers Hotel, Sugar


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing inspiration from the streets for Tokyo for Halloween.

  2. Love this!! I enjoyed seeing these photos of Halloween decoration from Japan! It's so fun!

  3. Thank you ladies! I want to take more pictures and share more on the blog, but weather is going to be very un-cooperative in the coming days and I have two kids at home ... I will try hard to get more inspirational photos :-)