Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013 - Home decoration

Among the many topics I was supposed to post on the blog last month was a sneak peek at the Christmas decoration I made for my home. It's most probably too late to bring you inspiration to decorate your home but I am still sharing my pictures today... for the next Christmas! 
My color palette was red/ white/ ice blue with gold and silver accents. I worked with paper to create the garlands to decorate my window, felt (wreath), masking tapes (of course!) and spray paint on branches and pine cones I picked up at the park during the year.

Check my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

By the way, have you taken your Christmas tree down yet? In France, we usually wait to do it after the 6th of January so I am planning to do it this weekend... and put up the next round of decoration: let it snow!

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