Monday, March 17, 2014

Oaxaca, a Mexican exhibition in {Tokyo}


How are you all doing? Spring is on its way, we had an awesome sun today! Here is a little  review (and many pictures!) together with an invitation to check out trensa's current exhibition at niwa-coya, a charming cafe located in Sengawa, in suburban Tokyo.

You may remember trensa as we collaborated for an event last year, when I created accessories using Mexican products that the label sells in Japan (check out my post here and here). I really enjoyed going to my friend's exhibition (we went twice!) at niwa-coya. The atmosphere there is very peaceful and relaxing although it does get busy at meal times. The food was excellent, fresh and tasty. And you can buy some biscuit or vegetables to take home too. 

The exhibition will end on March 29th, make sure to check it out if you are in Tokyo! In the meantime, you can enjoy my photos and get some inspiration for decorating your home ~

I was lucky to be able to share my lunch with some lovely ladies, and connect over a delicious lunch!

A rather healthy lunch!

Here below is the outdoor stall at the entrance of the cafe where you can purchase the vegetables. 

Wakabacho 1-28-28
Choufu City, Tokyo
closest train station: Sengawa (Keio line)

open 9am-6pm daily (closed on Monday)

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