Tuesday, May 27, 2014

About the Hobby Show 2014 - Show Time!

Here we are! Just a month ago The 38th edition of the Hobby Show Tokyo was over and I had delivered my biggest project yet when it comes to birthday parties! I imagined, created and produced the decoration of a booth featuring three party themes (Frozen, Peter Pan & Tinker Bell and Pirates parties) for the launch of Japanese DIY/ craft magazine, Tukutte!
The whole project was planned over 2 months, the crafting took 3 weeks and the booth set up 6 hours. The exhibition lasted 3 full days and thousands of people attended the show (122, 021 people in 2013 - source).

It was exhilarating, exciting, sensational, thrilling, stimulating, fun and tiring all at once. I met new, talented people with whom I may collaborate in the coming months. The whole experience gave me more strength and passion that I had already, and although it was challenging at times to be on my own in a foreign country, I was also incredibly blessed to work with the nicest and most talented people, and to have the full support of my family. Thank you!

Now let's discover the pictures together :-)

I imagined the decoration of the shelves above as colourful as I like my parties to be: pretty papers  used for gift wrapping, decorated letters, cute birthday cards (real cards that I have collected over time from my kids birthday parties), festive paper garlands, bunting banner and the fancy balloons that I stuck on the wall. The paper lantern above the central table was made after a Martha Stewart tutorial I love. I added the star garlands that represent the magic falling from the sky in Peter Pan, in Neverland - and the pixie dust of Tinker Bell too.

(as featured in the first issue of Tukutte magazine)

I have previously written several posts about the Peter Pan & Tinker Bell party, which was created for Tukutte magazine, with all the crafting details. You can catch up with the reading by clicking the following links: Part 1 -, Part 2 -, Part 3 - crafting process, Part 4 - full magazine feature.

THEME 2: FROZEN inspired party

It's no secret that the latest Disney movie is all the rage at the moment among girls - of all ages. My own daughter inspired me to work on this theme for her 7th birthday which happened to be last February. For the Hobby Show I started with what I already had from her party and crafted many more items to have a full set for my table. It includes cupcake and cake toppers, goodie bags, bottle and straw decorations, paper tiara and wall decoration. I included crochet decoration (stars from IKEA, snowflakes made by my Grand-Ma), mt seals & white paper pompom flowers (from DAISO). The goodie bags come from Beautiful Revelry and all the paper details were crafted using my Martha Stewart punchers and papers from WRAPPLE.


The Pirate party theme is one of my favorite to work on and I have held pirate parties in the past for my children. I enjoyed creating a full set of paper goodies for this feature though and I wish I would own real gold glass bottles. I spray painted the ones featured below which wouldn't make them suitable to use for a real party. I like using cardboard to craft decorative items, and I drew the swords for the cake on it before covering them with silver adhesive paper. You could as well imagine making cardboard swords as a goodie bag for such party. The flags were made using a black fabric on which I sew the white skull - hand drawn and cut directly from the fabric. The treasure chest was thrifted and it comes in really handy! I thought of spray painting it but opted to keep it as is.

We had the visit of our models for the Peter Pan & Tinker Bell party featured in Tukutte: Chloé and Ariel (7) and Mathias (4) were excited to see themselves in the magazine and attend the Hobby Show. The girls were able to attend a few creative workshops the day they visited, and it made them really super happy!

Mathias, Ariel and Chloé

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WRAPPLE wrapping and DIY store (Parco Shibuya, Tokyo)
Martha Stewart Crafts (Entrex)

Thank you to Chikako Yamamoto of DDbistro for providing the beautiful sugar cookies!


  1. Congratulations Marie! It's been a long time since I visited your blog and I am yet amazed by your creativity and vision!

    Here's to a greater 2014 for you!


    Judith (from Singapore)

  2. @heyjayel Thank you so much Judith for your sweet comment and your words of encouragements. I have been enjoying my work lately after a rather difficult year in 2012. It's satisfying indeed to see a vision come to life, and I am hoping for more beautiful moments such as this one in the future!
    Big hugs!