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Giveaway - a Japanese Craft Magazine & a surprise gift!


Hello friends! I have prepared a great giveaway for you all, to celebrate a little milestone and also the fact that the Mini Me dolls are currently featured in the last issue of tukutte magazine (check out the feature on this blogpost). Oh, and we reached 800 fans on my Facebook page! Wow!!

みなさんこんにちは! このたび、手芸雑誌tukutteの最終刊に ミニミー ドールが掲載されたことと、わたしが初めて日本に来てから先日でちょうど10周年となったことを記念して、プレゼント企画を開催します。(ミニミードール掲載についてはブログをご覧下さい。)

Celebrating 10 years of living in Asia!

Exactly 10 years ago, on October 4, 2004 I was leaving my home country (France) to work in Japan. To this day I still remember my first days in Tokyo, as there was a typhoon the weekend I arrived and I had to stay in my shoe-box apartment all alone and with not so much food in my fridge... I wasn't scared though, it was all too exciting! it was also my first typhoon experience :-)

I stayed in Tokyo until the end of 2005 before being asked to move to Singapore by my company. The rest is history: I met my husband in Singapore and since then together we have lived in Bangkok (Thailand) for 18 months, Singapore (again) for 4 years and now Japan (coming to 3 years). We also made two babies, a life-changing experience as everyone knows.

Realising that it's been 10 years since I made my first move to Asia is something to celebrate about, right?

10年前の2004年10月4日、日本でお仕事をする機会に恵まれ、フランスを去りました。日本に到着してすぐの週末。東京を、台風が直撃したのです! 産まれて初めての経験でした。笑 

Celebrating 7 years of making my Mini Me dolls!

Well, as explained in the DIY feature in tukutte magazine, I first started making the dolls after my daughter was born out of the fabrics I used to make her dresses and tuniques. To this day I have of course kept the first two dolls I made for her, and the clothes of course! 

I was really happy to be asked to share with the tukutte readers a step-by-step instruction of my dolls in the 3rd issue of the magazine, and I hope some of you will attempt to create your very own doll! 
I will also conduct 3 workshops in Tokyo in November/ December 2014 on this project - dates and booking details to be announced soon!
tukutteのハンドメイドのコーナーに掲載されている通り、 ミニミードールは長女が産まれたとき、娘に作ったワンピースやチュニックのあまり布を利用して作り始めました。最初に作った2体のミニミードールとお洋服は、もちろん大切に保管してありますよ。

今回、ミニミードールの作り方をtukutte最終号に掲載していただいて、とても光栄です。皆さん、ぜひ作ってみて下さいね! ドールを作るワークショップも、東京で11月と12月に開催予定です。詳細は追って ご連絡します。 

So let's get to the most interesting part of this post: the giveaway! I have decided to offer to one of you the last issue of tukutte magazine (which includes a free spool knitter) + a very special SURPRISE gift. 

The giveaway will run until Friday, October 18, 2004 (12am Japan time) and a winner will randomly picked up via Rafflecopter. I will announce the winner on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and blog and request her/his address in order to ship the prize. No cost involved on your side, I am happy to spoil one of you this month!

To participate, please use the Rafflecopter below - you can sign in using your Facebook account or
email address. Good luck!


締め切りは、2004年10月18日 日本時間午前0時。


Edit: this giveaway has ended. The lucky winner of our October giveaway is Joanna N. (entry #10). Thank you everyone for participating!

Japanese translation credit: Nao Lincoln

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