Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting 2015 right!

from top left to right: wall decoration in my entrance, Sophie et Chocolat wrapping,
Christmas cookie workshop with Chikako-san, a Mini Me doll in a party mood

Happy New Year friends near and far!

I hope you had a very relaxing holiday with your loved ones, and that you could fully enjoy and soak in the wonderful time that is Christmas. I always end up the year in sheer exhaustion, partly because of the crazy school schedules with events to attend and cater for. I am really wondering if we could maybe keep things a bit more simple and more enjoyable...

It is one of the reasons why I have kept it easy this year and why I haven't blogged for a while too. Not that I didn't have anything to share - I have a lot of photos and places to share with you on the blog actually. I needed to step back and allow myself to re-focus and regain the precious energy needed to start the year right. 

from top left to right: Christmas party styling, 
our first candy house complimentary of DDbistro,
Christmas party with Sophie et Chocolat, a little corner of my home.

It helped that we were spending the holiday in Tokyo this year, a stay-cation of some sort. We chose to explore a bit more the city that we've called home for nearly 3 years, and I could do a deep cleaning of the house as well as re-organise a few things (YEAH!). Kids are now in separate bedrooms, and my studio has faced a couple of changes as well. Hopefully I can share more on the blog soon!

from top left to right: three Mini-Me dolls, Christmas wrapping, 
Chloé at a Sugar Town workshop, a wall decoration at my home.

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the arrival of the three kings (or three wise men) with a homemade almond-filled galette des rois - a (French) Christian tradition I am very attached too. The kids will display our three kings in the crèche then help me bake the galette, which we will eat together. I will share more about it on the blog on Wednesday! 

Kids will only start school late this week and beginning of next week, so I am still very much busy keeping them occupied and healthy. Work will fully resume next Monday...

Let's rock 2015 together!
今年 もう よろしくお願いします!


©All photographs by Marie Maglaque for Etincelle Creative STUDIO - All rights reserved.

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