Monday, December 21, 2015

Tokyo Christmas Exhibition {Part 1}

Collaborative display in the entrance by Eri-san and myself

Hello everyone!

Another week has passed, which brings us closer to Christmas ☆ the children have started their holidays last Friday so we are taking it easy. 
It's about time I share all the photos taken during the exhibition that took place at Gallery Palette at the beginning of December. I collaborated with Japanese illustrator Eri Takenaga on this exhibition, the theme was all about celebrating Christmas in Paris, the city of lights, going to the opera watch the ballerinas and eat pâtisseries afterwards...

the day of the set up... 8 hours spent decorating the gallery!

Country Harvest, a stunning flower shop on the way to Gallery Palette
from Omotesando station. Always an inspiration!

Postcard "Paris is always a good idea" by CINQMAI via BCBasics

Putting the final touches to the Christmas tree...

Eri-san's corner was super cute with many goodies on display: several books featuring her adorable illustrations, stationery, masking tapes, postcards, napkins, scarves, ... 

On top of the shelf is a light box I've had my eyes on for a little while... Text and graphics can be changed as you want to fit in the current mood or atmosphere and kids really enjoy customizing it. Also it can be battery operated which is ideal here in Japan.
BCBasics is distributing the light box in Japan and proposed to send me a sample to try it out. I was over the moon, it felt like Christmas in November! Thank you again Wakako ♡

Light box reading "Joyeux Noel" via BCBasics

Pretty scarves by Eri Takenaga

Light box reading "Joyeux Noel" via BCBasics

Illustration with a ball pen workshop by Eri Takenaga

The ballerina ornament, one of the most popular item of this exhibition!

A ballerina and a matryoshka were welcoming visitors in the entrance. 
Pretty, don't you think?

The golden branch on display was representing an Advent Calendar with little treasure boxes ready to be opened. I replicated this at home because it's just so cute.

Then I imagined my accessories to be displayed like pâtisseries at Ladurée in Paris... Brooches, bracelets, pendants were on little golden trays (transparent acrylique stands from Muji).

I had requested my friend and assistant Nao Lincoln to create a wreath as she has a talent with flower arrangements - among many other things. She came up with the wreath pictured below, made of dried hydrangea sprayed painted in silver, ribbon, pompom, baubles and feathers. Very unique and beautiful!

Flower hairpin, a new design and a popular sale at the exhibition! 
I should have made many more...

For this exhibition I also commissioned wire artist Junko Hoshi three pieces to display my earrings: a Christmas tree and two stars. It worked really well and could be hung on the walls - as shown in the picture below:

A new necklace design that I will develop in different shades in the near future...

We are done with {Part 1} of the exhibition recap! More pictures of the several workshops that took place during that week and photos with my lovely visitors will be shared shortly. Stay tuned!

Light box reading "Joyeux Noel" via BCBasics

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