Monday, September 19, 2016

TRAVEL TOKYO | Noko Noko Exhibition at Gallery Palette


I am really happy to share with you the launch of the new book by Sonoko Takiguchi as well as her solo exhibition at Gallery Palette which starts today, September 19. Takiguchi-san is the founder and designer of Noko Noko and she creates the cutest little birds in felt. Her new book includes more than 30 DIY projects and is extremely detailed with step-by-step photos and instructions. 
The team who produced this book is the team I worked with to make my own book, and I am very happy to see them complete yet another beautiful book together. 
Congratulations to Mieko Akima for the art direction and coordination of the project, Ayako Hachisu for her beautiful photos, Kaori Maehara who is such a gifted graphic designer and Masayo Ono for the editing work. What a winning team!
Takiguchi-san's book is now available online on Amazon and there are several workshops taught this week during her exhibition at Gallery Palette. For more information, kindly check Noko Noko's Facebook page or contact Mieko Akima at

Gallery Palette
4-17-22 TZ Bldg
Minami Aoyama

© All photos by Mieko Akima / Book photography by Ayako Hachisu

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