Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer 2016 - Part 1 Stopover in Bangkok

Friends and lovely readers, I am back!

I have neglected the blog quite a bit lately, there was too much going on at the same time to be able to keep up... unfortunately, as I had a lot to share with you all. So I am working twice as hard to catch up and cover everything I had scheduled.

I will talk in a short while about our move to Switzerland which happened in August, but first I want to share with you a few pics of our escape to Bangkok in July, on the way to Europe.

We had decided to pay a visit to the capital of Thailand as this is where we started our family life and where our daughter was born 9 years ago. I was very curious to see how things had changed and improved, and visit our favorite haunts. Memories... It was a bit disappointing though, as things don't seem to have improved for the people of Thailand in the course of nearly ten years. Kids weren't impressed by the busy & dirty streets, the heavy traffic and pollution... They loved the swimming pool though!

As a result, we didn't do as much as we thought we would. The weather was extremely hot and humid, and quite honestly we were all tired after a rather busy semester. We took it easy!

the little guy is always ready to go on the plane!

I highly recommend Siam Center if you love shopping for clothes and good coffee. Greyhound café was one of our fav hangout places back then, and we were more than happy to see that it was still open and as trendy as ever. Never disappoint!

Father and son bonding time 😉

Senada and Baking Soda are two of my favorite Thai labels. They have several shops across the city but I am most familiar with their Siam Center's outlets. 

We went to the newly built The Street shopping mall on 139 Ratchadaphisek road after I read a review on a restaurant called So Asean in a magazine. The food didn't disappoint, although I wouldn't recommend the chicken rice there. The building looked great in and out but I have to say that the rest of the shops didn't meet my expectation. Note that there is a great playground upstairs with trampolines to keep the kids entertained (fees apply).

Khao soi, a curry paste based dish from northern Thailand

Little Miss Sunshine ♡

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