Sunday, November 5, 2017

WORKSHOP | Krl and Co x Zakadit Crochet Workshop

 Krl and Co craft & coffee shop in Payerne (Switzerland)

Yesterday I attended Zakadit's crochet workshop at Krl and Co, a cute coffee & craft shop located in the Swiss town Payerne. The project chosen was a crocheted basket as seen in the photo below.

Zak is from Paris and has just published his first book with tricot & crochet tutorials last September (see below). I have been following Zak on Instagram for quite a while and I love his positive energy and creativity. So when I saw that he had added a date in Switzerland, I didn't hesitate to join his workshop! My mum joined me as well, and our Saturday became a lovely mother-daughter/ creative road trip 😊

Krl and Co is a great space dedicated to arts & crafts, DIY, workshops and coffee. It opened last March 2017 and is filled with a great selection of materials from stamps to paper for scrapbooking, wool for knitting, crochet, papers, beads, fabrics, ... and more!

 ... but first coffee and the selection of our Hooked Zpaghetti.

 Zak's workshop starts with the practice of the basics. 
I chose to work with a size 10 hook. 

 Once we master the basics, it's time to start our basket, starting from the bottom.

 The youngest participant was 11 years old and very good at it!

 I am making good progress and start to relax & enjoy myself a lot... 

 ... and then a problem strikes and I have to undo most of my work 
It's clear I won't be able to finish my basket by the end of the workshop 😅 

 Here is where I stand when it's time to pack up. I am pretty happy with the work done, 
I have caught up even though I am not finished yet. 
No problem, rain is forecasted for the weekend and I will stay cosy at home with my crochet hook!

 Above, a cute little pouch made by Zak

 Not leaving without a book signed up by its author 😉  

 Happy welfie, thank you Zak for coming all the way to Switzerland!

You can check the line up of workshops that will be taking place at Krl and Co (click here) until the end of the year. I fell for this Advent Calendar workshop that will take place at the shop on the 16th of November! 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

EMBROIDERY | The Birds 🕊 Les Oiseaux

The latest pieces to be added to the shop are a mini series of parakeet birds brooches, embroidered with DMC mouliné floss which comes in a huge variety of shades. I used a technique called "needle painting" for these pieces and was able to recreate the delicate dégradé of the feathers. 

Each piece is unique, you can adopt your own little parakeet here 😉

Saturday, October 28, 2017

TRAVEL SWITZERLAND | A walk in the vineyards over the lake of Bienne

 Astonishing view over the lake of Bienne

It was one of my goals this Autumn to walk in the vineyards over the lake of Bienne, and I am really glad that we could make it happen at the end of October - the vines were wearing their most beautiful colors and the sun was bright and warm over our heads. 

I had spotted this walk on the Jura Tourisme website as it was offering both a panoramic view over the lake while being quite an easy walk for the children. There are different activities to be done on the way (visit of the vine museum in Ligerz, wine tasting, visit of La Neuveville, ...) but we didn't do any this time around - the reason being that we started too late in the morning... This is a lovely one-day walk if you want to, with a stop for lunch in Twann if you fancy eating at the restaurant (we took our picnic).

At the end of this post I have added some tips about where to park your car and the options to get back to it! Happy discovery 😊

At the beginning of the walk, the narrow path slowly going up...

Most of the road is out in the vineyards, but parts of it is in the forest and it's lovely!
(especially when the sun is high up in the sky)

 The view over the lake is really stunning with the vines dressed up in their Autumn colors

 Friendly cat taking a nap...

 Going down to the village of Twann...

In the background, the Bernese Alps standing out!

If you parked your car in Bienne, you have two options to go back: the train or the boat, unless you have some energy left to walk back? 


Option 1: parking at the train station of Biel/ Bienne, then bus 11 to the Rebenweg/ Chemin des vignobles stop. Most convenient option if you plan to come back by train/ boat.

Option 2: parking at the Rebenweg/ Chemin des vignobles along Neuenburgstrasse, where the walk starts. Convenient since you can park where the walk starts, but not so convenient on the way back if you have tired young children...

The walk we did until the little village of Twann is about 8kms, but you can go all the way to La Neuveville (our initial plan). We started late morning past 11am and stopped by for a picnic among the vineyards. It was quite hot to walk under the sun, so I would advise to start much earlier in the morning, or later in the afternoon. Bring plenty of water with you too!