Thursday, May 18, 2017

WORKSHOP TOKYO | Workshop Schedule - June 2017

Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce that the workshop schedule for my upcoming exhibition in Tokyo in June has been finalized! All workshops presented below will take place at the Gallery Palette in Minami Aoyama. I am proposing 4 different projects linked to the theme of the exhibition, called Dreamy Moroccan Garden.

As you may know, Morocco is known to produced to delicate roses whose buds are then dried and used in cosmetics or to produce rose oil. Since the rose season has also started in Japan and roses are very popular among Japanese ladies, I thought of included the beautiful flower in the projects. 

Participants are invited to create a "Garden of Roses" bracelet or a Rose brooch.

Besides my work for this exhibition, I had started researching on lucky charms, amulette and other ex-voto for a collaborative side project that will come up later this year. The Fatima hand is a popular amulette in Morocco that is commonly used in jewelry and as a wall hanging. I was inspired to turn it into a brooch, all hand-embroidered with DMC cotton thread and adorn with a pearl and beads. All color combinations are made possible, let your creativity shine!

Finally I couldn't ignore the fabulous tropical flowers that can be found in one of the iconic gardens of Morocco: the Jardin de Majorelle, formerly home of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. 
I created this brooch that includes a pretty butterfly as well as abundant leaves and flowers. 
This is a one-day workshop which I love because I get to know the participants as we spend several lovely hours doing embroidery together and a delicious lunch in a stylish restaurant in between. 

For booking your spot, please kindly contact Mieko Akima from Gallery Palette in Tokyo via email or write me an email at

If you have any question, feel free to get in touch anytime, I will be very happy to attend to you. The easiest way to reach me besides email is certainly on my Facebook page here or on Instagram here.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

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