Wednesday, August 9, 2017

EXHIBITION TOKYO | Part 1 - Dreamy Moroccan Garden Exhibition

Shiny gold curtain (Pannolini), paper decoration & pompoms

Hello friends,

I have finally made a selection among all the photos taken during my 12-day trip to Tokyo in June for my exhibition and decided to divide my posts into 4 sections: exhibition set up, decor & visitors, workshops, food & interesting places I visited. To be honest this trip was much more business rather than leisure oriented, and I had very little time left to meet up with my friends - I was very sorry about it 😢

The theme of the exhibition was the Moroccan gardens and I worked with a lot of vibrant colors this time. I created leaf decorations made of paper to display the embroidered pieces, paper tassels and many pompoms to adorn not only the title of the exhibition on the wall, but other decorative elements that were available. I used all the rainbow colors this time and I love to watch the photos again 😊

The exhibition took place at Gallery Palette in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo. It's my 4th exhibition in this gallery so I was very familiar with the layout and assets of the space - it definitely helps!

Paper lantern set (Pannolini)
Hand-drawn letter, hand-cut paper, hand-made pompoms = labor of love 😅
Above, the embroidery created for the exhibition's invitation

The whole exhibition set-up usually takes several hours and we always take a break in between. Akima-san, owner of Gallery Palette, had prepared a delicious & healthy lunch, I was so lucky!

The space is slowly coming to shape. I never plan the layout of the exhibition in details beforehand, but I usually know ahead of time where I will display the accessories. Once in the gallery I let the magic work and arrange decor & accessories quite easily. The downside of it is that I need to be alone to do my set-up... The challenge this time was certainly that I had a very limited amount of props since I was traveling all the way from Europe and my luggage couldn't be too big & heavy! Hence the paper decoration...

Pompoms & paper tassels 
A demain!

Read Part 2 and Part 3 and don't miss the extra post about the new cafés & restaurants I have tried out during my trip!

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